Hardware Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration and promotion of free and open hardware, and related technologies. Hardware Freedom Day is celebrated worldwide on the day of January 16 which is an initiation of Hardwarefreedomday.org.

Hardware Freedom Day is an annual celebration organized by the Digital Freedom Foundation from 2013 to 2015, with the goal of upholding the spirit of open hardware and make more people aware of using and contributing to free and hardware projects.

To spread awareness about free and open hardware.

To encourage user contribution.

To provide a common platform for people passionate about open hardware to share their ideas and interests.

At Robotics Association Of Nepal, we always play with open hardware and we have freedom to choose to work on any technological products. So, we being the lead organization in Hardware and Robotics we celebrated this event on January 18,last year.

The project list that we develop from the brainstroming were:

AC motor control using APP
Home Automation
Water density
Matter flowing in
Battery Hackathon
Panic measurement
Loadshedding display
Calender display
Bike hack
Water level indicator

People involed in the Event were:

Dr. Bishal DhakalHealth at home Careinnovation enthusiasts
Suresh GhimireRANHAcker/electronics engineer
Bhupal SapkotaGDGDeveloper`
DhirajAlternative TechnologyDeveloper`
Ajay MaharjanRANR&D head
Dipesh khanalRANElectrical Engineer
Bikash GurungRANElectronics engineer
Suraj LamaRANelectronics engineer
Ramesh GhimireRANelectronics engineer
RoshankarkhanaBIM student

Hardware we dealt with were:

  1. Ultrasonic Sensors
  2. Arduino
  3. Ethernet shield
  4. Patch Cable
  5. Jumpers
  6. AVR
  7. Wifi Router
  8. Motors
  9. Drivers

The day concluded with Dr. Bishal Dhakal with sharing heartbeat monitoring device. We researched on device connectivity with internet. AC motor control using App and home automation were the projects we lead. We ended having fun and sharing different. all the participants worked till Midnight. We concluded with continuing the projects in near future.