HacktheQuake, the Idea Competition for rebuilding Nepal has so far been a big success with total collection of 110 smart ideas for reconstructing Nepal to a better state. The motif of the competition was to bring out of the box ideas that could solve the challenges faced by the country as a result of the devastating earthquake.

Out of the 110 ideas, 15 path breaking ideas have been selected. Congratulations to everyone who made it! These 15 participants will be presenting their ideas on June 24, 2015 at Nepal Engineer’s Association (NEA), Pulchowk from 12 pm to 6 pm. The judges for evaluating the idea presentation are Ar. Biresh Shah, Er. Hari Prasad Sharma, Dr. Chandika Prasad Bhatta, Dr. Manish Pokhrel, and Er. Manoj Shakya. All the judges are professionals in their sector and will be examining your presentations in detail.

Once these ideas are presented, top 3 ideas will be selected by the judges, who are the winners of the competition. Each winner will be awarded Rs. 50,000 each.

But, what after the competition?

After the winners are announced, the winners are encouraged to take their idea to the next level of implementation. The manpower and the money needed will be arranged either by HackTheQuake or by the team themselves. HackTheQuake believes that if the idea is too good then it wouldn’t be so difficult to find the sponsors and volunteers for the project implementation. However, the participants will not be forced; its upto their interest and will.

Obviously, having ideas in hand is not just everything, commitment for executing the ideas is something HackTheQuake wants to look after. So, the following things are made sure

  • First, the winning team will be encouraged to commit for the project
  •  In case, they aren’t able, the next would be to call out teams or groups who can commit to operate the ideas
  • Once the team and idea is ready, further step would be to get proper funds for the implementation
  • The idea implementation will operate once the team is moving forward with fund or the entire work can be handed over to an organization as well.

So, get ready for the presenting your ideas to the best tomorrow!

Venue Details

Date: Wednesday 24 June 2015

Time: 12 PM – 6 PM

Venue: Nepal Engineers Associtation, Engineers Bhawan, Pulchowk

Robotics Association of Nepal has supported in the event promotion,conduction and management.