If 2020 were the beginning of 21st century for deep technology, we had it 20 years late. The global pandemic has made us uncomfortable for many changes: massive urban migrations but also a large urge for digital transformation and new urban governance. In 2021, let’s have a stronger movement of technology, policy and humanity. Rainmaking Series echoes the StartmeupHK Festival in May 2020 for engaging deeply 10 countries for exploring their strategies and co-create a common renaissance movement.

Rainmaking Series follows the StartmeupHK Festival 2021 to host virtually 10 strategic locations in emerging Asia and Africa during 24th – 28th May 2021. Each session of the respective countries in the Rainmaking Series would be hosted with a local strategic partner to explore their largest policy innovation and wicked technology development agenda that echo Sustainable Development Goals and the Great Reset, such as Climate Resilience, Carbon Zero in Future Housing, Future Skills, Preparation for the Next Pandemic Uncertainty and Digital Economic Stability. Representatives of the World Economic Forum, InvestHK and other influential thought leadership agencies would be invited to sit in the panel discussion and explore the role where technology, policy, Hong Kong and Greater Bay can play and support.

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Rainmaking Series Nepal

Rainmaking Series Nepal is hosted by the  Robotics Association of Nepal,  Good City Foundation and InvestHK, the Foreign Direct Investment Department of Hong Kong SAR Government and co-hosted by Robotics Association of Nepal[RAN] with FNCCI ICT Development Committee and National Innovation Digital Network as a strategic partner in the upcoming StartmeupHK Festival from 24th – 28th May, and supported by the representatives and members of the IoT and Urban Transformation Platform of the World Economic Forum in China and ASEAN.

“Robotics and AI in the world of Digitization: Digital Nepal” will serve as the main agenda of Rainmaking Nepal 2021 , which the event will cover high-level panel dialogue on the latest macro development trend of Nepal as well as to discover the future technological development such as Future of Robotics and AI in developing countries, Automation in Manufacturing Industry, Smart Cities, Robotics in Business and Service Sector, and how stakeholders could be interacting and point out the challenges and solution through the sustainable development and better urban resilience for Nepal in the context of emerging cities.  The second session will then have a “Tech for Good City” roadshow to let potential companies/startups showcase their business/project to our investors network and opportunity to receive future resources pipeline from Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area of Mainland China.

Keynote Speaker of Rainmaking Series Nepal

Mr. Benson Tam

Mr. Mangesh Lal Shrestha

Princess Aliyah Pandolfi

Mr. Bensom Tam – ” first-round investor in Alibaba and is still all-in after 20 years. “. Benson is the Digital Twin & Smart Cities Industry Expert to IOT and Urban Transformation Platform of WEF.   He wll be presenting his Keynote on ‘A Vision of Smart City Dream World: Digitizing The Next 100 Cities in 50 years.’ As a private equity pioneer in Asia for over 28 years, he co-founded Fidelity Asia Ventures, which invested in Alibaba since its first round, added and held on to the stake for 20 years, co-led the first Nasdaq Chinese IPO and invented the VIE structure. He was an early and serial investor into other “Super-Unicorns” as well, such as AsiaInfo and WuXi AppTec, repeatedly transforming one company into many companies and multiple IPOs. Benson founded Venturous in 2013. From being his private single-family office, it has evolved into Venturous Group, a deep tech conglomerate with strategic stakes in key tech unicorns and partnership businesses with them. Its mission is to make cities smart. Venturous Group is anchored by Benson and other tech families. Benson is a “3-in-1” civil engineer, software engineer and financial engineer. Meanwhile, he has been based in Beijing for the past 18 years, deeply embedding himself inside the Chinese internet ecosystem. This combination allows him to form enduring partnerships with Chinese tech CEOs