Girls can fly 1.0

The aim of our  Miss-Tech “Girls can fly” workshop (24th- 26th April) was to try and make  girls to be able to assemble the parts of drone and be able to pilot the drone( flying the drone) deprived of presenting it in a simple way to motivate themselves and the society, challenging them to think deeply and enabling them to work collaboratively.

It was divided into three days :

Day 1: Introduction to drone and its hardware parts

Day 2: Assembling the hardware parts of drone

Day 3: Drone flight practice

Women Technopreneur under Girls in Tech program:

  • Women Technopreneur ‘ skill based Knowledge Transfer  training under Girls in Tech program where 60 participants from American Corner Kathmandu.

The description of trainings at AC’s :On 1st day , 21 participants were  present in the 1st shift  and they are divided into 10 teams,as the opportunity to work with  others, rather than on their own, can help an individual develop their interpersonal skills such as speaking and listening as well  as team working skills such as leadership. Collaborating with others will help identify our own strengths and weaknesses and sharing and discussing ideas in groups can play a vital role in deepening our understanding of a particular subject area. After Group Division, then they entered with game development process beginning with scratch programming. On 2nd dayapp development through MIT App Inventor training was conducted. Participants played with various designing components and were able to use all the blocks in their program. It included changing graphics, adding sounds, using sensors,  and using blocks for programming for making apps. At the end, they became familiar with the process of making an  application for android phone and were assigned a task of making other different android apps. The hardware interfacing through Arduino training was on 3rd day.  There were two shifts one shift  with 21 participants and another shift with 27 participants. After completion of game development phase, the girls start to learn about the basic of hardware. They were taught from basics of arduino, their commands & syntax. Firstly, they were taught about LED polarity, how to give power supply and about program code to simply turn led off and on.A microcontroller board called Arduino Uno was used during training period.Using serial communication they further control led  by giving certain commands like when they gave an ‘a’ character then it turns led on and when they give ‘b’ character then it turns ed off. Further, they learned about sensors and their implementation.Girls also learned about interaction between software and hardware. Similarly the application they built from MIT-INVENTOR was implemented in Arduino workshop.Using this app and with the help of Bluetooth module they automatically control led light. On 4th daySocial networking through BLOG training was conducted after the successful completion of 3 days workshop.  Participants explored their willingness and creativity and hence they got to know, they can create a blog with the same creativity.They got to know about blog and vlog along with their characteristics. They created a blog website in which the content was their own creativity and simultaneously they were provided the knowledge on adsense account. Finally they made their Adsense  account and came to know that they will be able to earn money through blogging. After the completion of the game development , android app development , hardware interfacing and blogging,participants began to learn about the Entrepreneurship on 5th day. They learned  about the characteristics ,habits of entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs in Nepal.  Also, they learned about women empowerment,public speaking and business skills. They used a business model canvas to create their business prototype  which contained key components of business.By using blogging as a channel for the business ,in future,they can share the skills on scratch , mit app inventor and arduino , they have learnt in these four days. On the fifth day of the technical workshop,they  were able to create their business using blog and  share their skills and ideas to empower other women and became a true entrepreneur.

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