Yantra National League

Martyr’s Memorial ‘A’ Division League (Nepali: शहीद स्मारक ए डिभिजन लीग) (formerly known as the Kathmandu League Championship) is one of the top division of the All Nepal Football Association in Nepal. Contested by 12 to 16 clubs within the Martyr’s Memorial B-Division League. The seasons run from November to March with every team playing each other once and the top six teams reach the Super Six round, where the teams again play each other once. It is currently sponsored by Red Bull  and thus officially known as the Martyr’s Memorial Red Bull ‘A’ Division League. The League was heavily affected by the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake, with play being suspended from late April. Now we are going to resume it this November the soccer played by the robots called “Yantra National League”.

“Competition pushes advances in technologies. What we learn from robots playing soccer or navigating a maze can be applied to industry and help us solve difficult real-world problems.” So the Yantra National League is mainly focused to the high school and Bachelor first year student technology and for introducing new technology to the school level for the future betterment.

“Note: Three Robots should be in each team in order to be eligible for the competition.” 

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