Yantra Manual Akhada

Yantra Akhada is designed around the story of Ghada War from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, where  Duryodhana was offered to pick any of the Pandava brothers to fight against one-to-one with a weapon of his choice, with the winner of the conflict the victor of the war.

Duryodhana picks his nemesis Bhima. Despite Bhima’s physical advantage, Duryodhana had the better technique due to his devotion to his craft. After a long and brutal battle between the two disciples of Balarama, Duryodhana begins to exhaust Bhima, and nearly makes Bhima faint.

But Bhima was reminded of an oath he had taken after the game of dice to crush Duryodhana’s thighs. Bhima viciously attacks Duryodhana with a mace and strikes his thigh, mortally wounding Duryodhana and Bhima kicked his face insultingly, thus moaning the Duryodhana and Winning the Ghada War.

Yantra Akhada is a robot wrestling competition with a bigger version. Yantra Akhada is a destruction robot wrestling in which the two team will fight against each other for destroying each other’s  robot. This event will able to give student knowledge about the programming, Mechanical design, Power management in the robot.

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