Yantra 6.0

Mission Statement of Yantra:

The mission is to create platform that aims to encourage interdisciplinary cross-pollination among the creative and technical fields with a focus on learning and exchange. Each Edition of Yantra features Robotics competitions, workshops, art-tech exhibition and other multidisciplinary programs. Theme of the Yantra 6.0 is “Technology for Change”.


Robotics Association Of Nepal(RAN):

Robotics Association Of Nepal(RAN) is a not-for-profit organization that provides an outstanding platform for students and tech enthusiasts all over Nepal. RAN seeks to promote, educate and get more Nepalese to explore the field of robotics, electronics automation, and makers. RAN initiated maker education system in Nepal on 2011 through the hands on training and workshops about robotics and electronics automation. Each year, RAN has taken a new initiation for the betterment of education system in Nepal. On 2016, RAN initiated a campaign “Miss-Tech” with the tag, women for women. Through Miss Tech, we expect in the increment in participation of women in the field of technology. We are working for women empowerment in the field of science, technology, programming and robotics.

RAN has been organizing an Annual National Level Robotics Competition as part of Yantra for the last 4 years. Leading up to the event, it provides knowledge of programming and electronics through robotics workshops. The workshops are targeted at engineering, high schools and secondary school students. The organization has developed the platform to the level it is today through the its continuous effort and collaborative approach with different organizations, companies and groups.

About Yantra 6.0 Art Tech Science Festival 2017:

There are following five major programs under the umbrella of Yantra 6.0 Art Tech Science Festival 2017.

International Robotics Competition:

The robotics competition has three major categories.

  1. Main Event:

Robot without Wheels is the main event of Yantra 6.0, International Robotics competition. The participants of  Main should design and develop a robot without wheels that could perform specific built for special purpose. The robot built will try to solve the local problems existing in our country.

Yantra Racer:

This is open competition for participants, where they have to build/use drone that is controlled through First Person View(FPV) using VR set though use of FPV is not compulsory. The Drone should pass through slopes and tough path to reach the destination. The fastest drone will win the competition.

More Details: http://www.ran.org.np/yantra-racer/

Yantra Akhada:

  • Manual Akhada:

This is an open competition, like a ultimate fight, one manual robot has to destruct or destroy other in the game arena. The size of robot will be approximately double of that participated last year so that we could be provide participants a platform to showcase their creativity with bigger dimension.

More Details: http://www.ran.org.np/yantra-manual-akhada-2/

  • Automatic Akhada:

This is also an open competition, like a sumo wrestling, where robot has to push other out of game arena without human intervention.

More Details: http://www.ran.org.np/yantra-automatic-akhada/

Yantra National League:

“Competition pushes advances in technologies. What we learn from robots playing soccer or navigating a maze can be applied to industry and help us solve difficult real-world problems.” So the Yantra National League is mainly focused to the high school and Bachelor first year student technology and for introducing new technology to the school level for the future betterment.

More Details: http://www.ran.org.np/yantra-national-league/

The theme of all robotics competitions this year is based on technology for change and how those robots could be used to solve the local problems of the society.

Art and Tech Exhibition:

The objective of this program in Yantra 6.0 is to create the platform for artist and engineers to collaborate and come up with a creative approach. The final work for art and tech exhibition would be to showcase, how the collaboration of technology and art could enhance the cultural exchange between Nepali Mithila artist, International visual artist and Engineers. Organizing team are working for the joint collaboration  to showcase the cross pollination work of National and International artist.

Yantra Learning:

Yantra Learning is one of the new program added this year under the umbrella of Yantra for Agricultural disaster response. It is a software competition where programmers develop software project that can make the Yantra (machine) learn  from external environments, past data and patterns to take decision as per the current situation. The theme of Yantra Learning is to design and develop algorithms and softwares that can predict and alert about the possibility of upcoming natural disaster using present and  past data in order to improve the productivity of Farmers, thus adding cherry to our theme “Technology for Change”

Creative Computing:

This is one of the innovative approach to have a productive interaction of professionals working in technology and those who are working in non-tech fields. The possible participants for this program would be artists, doctors, and bankers. The professional educators and makers would be conducting this session to encourage artists, doctors, and bankers to use technology for the effective execution of the tasks they are performing to explore the impact of technology in their day to day activities.

Yantra Kids:

Yantra has been platform for multidisciplinary sectors and prioritize involvement of Children in the pathway of technological. Our mission of technology transfer always focus on Kids. Design Challenge will be organized after giving hands on knowledge on design thinking, prototyping, tinkering through training and workshops on electronics components, coding etc. Design Challenge will be focused on changes that can be brought into society through technology.

Yantra Incubation:

Yantra has been the platform for showcasing the talents, competing against the fellow robot makers, experimenting the Art-tech integration and starting the new dimensions to the existing science with innovative practical ways. The winners of the  International Robotics Competition has been awarded with the monetary value but not the next step. Yantra Incubation will break the traditional ecosystem of Yantra and give the winners and best project showcased during Art, Tech and Science festival to work for finding solutions to the local problems. The focus area would be identification of the feasible solution to the existing problem, developing a prototype, business model development and market analysis, mass product development and  tech start-up. At least 3 projects will go through Yantra Incubation for one month.