Yantra Kids

Once upon a time there was a farmer named, Rishi. He was living happily in a village of Gorkha with his wife, Radha and a son, Ravi. Their village was in such a rural place that there was no availability of electricity from the government and therefore Ravi could not study during the night. Ravi wanted to become a doctor and wants to help his village through free health services in the future. But as he could not study during nights, his aim was hard to be achieved.

One day, when Rishi came to the district headquarter to sell his agro products, he saw a study table. The table was designed in such a way that, there was a chair and table attached, the table had its own LED light and a battery. The battery was charged by the paddle kept underneath the table. Hence Rishi and his family didn’t need the electricity to charge the battery. With all these features, when Rishi went to buy that table, he could not afford it financially.


Robotics Association of Nepal would like to organize an event titled: Yantra Kids, to help  families like Rishi, Radha and Ravi. We would like to invite young minds to participate in our event to make study table: “Ujwal Table”. The prepared tables would then be donated to the farmers’ family in the rural areas of Nepal. Come join us in creating the impact.

Mission Statement

To donate 15 study table, “Ujwal Table”, to the rural kids of farmers. Ujwal Table is the study that has lights in it and would charge itself without the use of electricity supply.

Features of Ujwal Table:

  1. A study table
  2. Battery based led lamp
  3. Solar powered charger
  4. Lightweight and portable
  5. Name of school on the table

Judgement Criteria:

The winner would be decided by the judge. Judges for the event would be an Educator (1), an Artist (1), and an Architect (1). Judgement of Ujjwal table would be done as follows:

  1. On time completion (15%)
  2. Creative display on table (15%)
  3. Interactive and well explained guide book (30%)
  4. Presentation and storytelling (40%)

Registration Details:

School registration: NRs. 6,000|-

For Ujjwal table:

Students per team: 3 students (Students from different grades could also participate in the same group)

For Project Exhibition:

Students per team: 2 students (Students from different grades could also participate in the same group)

Only 15 schools would be participating in the event. Selection of school would be done on the basis of first come first serve.

Do contact us for further details

Dipesh Khanal

Coordinator, Yantra Kids, Yantra 5.0

[email protected] || 9841560420

Roshan Thapa

Vice Coordinator, Yantra Kids, Yantra 5.0

[email protected] || 9842413691

All participants would be provided by the certificate of participation and the winning school would be awarded with a trophy.

Looking forward for your prompt and positive response.