Yantra 4.0


Yantra cover

Robotics Association of Nepal is co-organizing 5th edition of Yantra as “Yantra 4.0, Art, Science  and Tech Festival, 2015” starting from December 3rd to December 20th with Siddhartha Art Foundation and Karkhana Private Limited.


Yantra was initiated by Robotics Association of Nepal in 2012 as a national robotics competition, whose winner were sent to International Robotics Competition in India Institute of Technology. Now we have opened this platform for collaboration among artists and engineers. This year Yantra 4.0 has the National Robotics Competitions for tech enthusiast, Design Challenge to teach the design thinking cycle to schools / high schools students, Creative Computing Course for coding, creating and computing , the Art-tech exhibition to explore the work of artists and engineers and Research to find out the overall development of the existing products. The overall event lasts for more than two weeks.


National Robotics Competition, is one of the biggest event organized during Yantra 4.0. The event caters all range of tech enthusiast. Robot makers from schools/college to professionals participate in four different events and compete with one another in terms of knowledge, skills, design with the robot they developed themselves.

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