Yantra 3.0


Yantra 3.0 is Nepal’s first Art, Technology and Science Festival that has grown above robotics competition that will be co-organized by Robotics Association of Nepal, Karkhana and Siddhartha Art Foundation on 13-15 November, 2014. Art, tech, engineering, design will mix to create a festival aimed at showing off Nepal to visiting technologists and showing our people, students, and leaders what technology can do for Nepal and for their education. With our education system so focused on rote learning, events like Yantra will provide the challenges and the inspiration for our youth to learn practical, market ready skill like creativity, collaboration and coding.


Yantra 3.0’s three parts: an exhibit, speaker sessions and a robotics competition will showcase innovative work Nepali engineers are doing at institutions like Tribhuwan University and Kathmandu University, as well as valuable work artists are doing through institutions such as the Siddhartha Art Foundation. It will also include engaging work by technologists and artists from Singapore and Japan.  In the lead up to Yantra 3.0 we will conduct mini-Yantra’s in Chitwan, Lumbini, Biratnagar and Pokhara. In just 2 years, with a minimal budget, we have turned a robotics competition into a brand attracting international artists and technologists.

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