Yantra 2.0


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Robotics Association of Nepal and Karkhana Pvt. Ltd is jointly organizing its third national Robotics championship in Nepal. There are three categories of robotics competition. The first category and the main event is the robotics competition titled “Yantra 2.0” based on the theme “Mission Nepal”, second category is “Line following robot” competition and the third category is “Robo-Akhada”, war between robots. The event is scheduled for 2nd week of Shrawan 2070.


This robotics competition is the platform where students from all the engineering / intermediate colleges and schools can participate to compete with their own robots. The event is entertainment oriented as well as informative where students can implement their ideas and knowledge in creative way and public can watch made in Nepal robots in action. It is a one day event but the pre events will be conducted leading upto the final event.

Therefore, we are expecting all the engineering college, +2 colleges and schools to participate in the event. Keeping in mind your institution’s profile, we think that your institution is suitable and shall benefit from this.