Yantra Space Preparatory Workshop

Yantra SpaceThis workshop is designed for those who are planning to participate in Yantra Space (International Robotics Competition Main event) as a preparatory workshop.
Workshop Course Details:
Unit 1: Mechanism
i) Bar and Linkage (design of four bar and linkage)
ii) Crank & shaft
iii) Rack and pinion
iv) Specific walking mechanism
v) Linear actuator design
Unit 2: Actuators
i) Electric actuator
ii) Pneumatic actuator (design of pneumatic system)
iii) Hydraulic actuator
Unit 3: Power transferring mechanism
i) Gear and its type
ii) Pulleys, belts and its type
Unit 4: Joints and coupling
i) Revolute joint
ii) Prismatic joint
iii) Universal joint
Unit 5: Introduction to robot kinematics & dynamics.
Workshop cost : Rs.2000 per person || Rs.6000 per team.
Workshop Date : August 21 & August 22.
Time : 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Please confirm your registration if you dint receive confirmation email at 9848750707/9851208879 or email us at [email protected]
Payment Details:
Bank account details:
Bank Name: Nepal Investment Bank, Thamel branch
Account Name: Robotics Association of Nepal
Account number: 0160103003322
If you deposit the amount through bank, please send us the scanned copy of the voucher at [email protected] || [email protected]
Thanks for always supporting us! See you all at Workshop.