Our History

Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN), is not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, continuously working in the field of robotics and electronics automation since its establishment (2010). Each year we celebrate festival of art, science and technology “Yantra” and a platform for women empowerment “MissTech”.

Robotics Association of Nepal has built a network of tech professionals, students, and enthusiast in Nepal through RAN membership, RAN Representatives, and Internship. This modus operandi shares responsibility and leadership within the organization network making our programs participatory and effective and building the groundwork of strong leaders to take RAN into the future.

RAN has provided practical coding and automation workshops to more than 4000 students since 2010. We organized Yantra 1.0, the national robotics competition, hosted in 2012 with forty-four teams. Yantra 2.0 had fifty five participating teams and five of them were from outside of Kathmandu.

Our collaborations to date include:

Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation [PABSON], CSIT College Association of Nepal [CCAON],Association of Engineering College of Nepal [AECON].

We have been received support from:

Computer Association of Nepal [CAN], Nepal Academy of Science and Technology [NAST], Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry [FNCCI], Google Developers Group [GDG], Free and Open Source Software, Nepal Mobile Social Networking, Nepal Army, and NADA.

Our team now involves individuals who have different thematic expertise and are exploring coding possibilities for automated solutions. This eclectic capacity spectrum provides us with a wide variety of in-house knowledge that breeds innovation and collaboration.

Achievements: ·

· Organized 5 National Robotics Competition.

· National Winner of Coding your way to opportunity Grant from Nepal

· Distributed 350 Solar stations through Light of Hope- Solar distribution and Training Campaign

· Organized Yantra Techkriti, National round competition for Techkriti IIT

· Received support from World Bank, Microsoft, Google and etc.

· Partnership with ACE team, Nepal Engineers Association, MIC Nepal, Karkhana, NYEF, Nepal Communitere, GDAP, Young Innovations PVT. LTD, AECON, FOSS Nepal, Nepal Army, Engineering Colleges, + 2 Colleges, Business houses and Other NGOs.