Robo Akhada


182899_584996714866116_2035973067_n Robotics Association of Nepal has always worked for the development of the Robotics in Nepal. To give it a next level we have always tried to give a new try. We have introduced “ ROBO-AKHADA” in the Year 2012. It was just a manual control sumo wrestling. 8 team were the participated in the first event. When competition was over the review was just stunning. Winner were happy and all the participating team knew there are many factors that is needed to work on. Robot making makes to understand the working of circuits and the understanding of mechanical structure importance in any design.

It made our team to launch941612_584997184866069_820146285_n another competition. In next competition there were better design robot and better selection of the motors by the participating team. The event went more interesting so we planned to keep Robo-Akhada in National level Robotics Competition “Yantra”.

In Spite of the competition held in Yantra we also started to lunch mini-akhada in various event like Locus organised by Pulchowk engineering College, Princeton exhibition organised by Princeton College, EPC magazine Launched by KEC, Kalimati, Tech-Bihani 0.2 organised by Advance Engineering College and Budhanilkantha exhibition organised by Budhanilkantha Secondary High School.

Mission Statement:

Participation of robotics and electronics projects enthusiast in the beginner level. The objective of the conduction of Robo Akhada is to promote and expose robot makers right from their beginner level. Conduction of such event is assumed to support and promote beginners in the field of robotics and electronics automation. Such event will help each participant in enhancing the education and logical level in them.

Automatic akhada will help the student to understand the Remote sensing mechanism and also it helps in the generation of different algorithm for obstacle detection. We are looking for the introduction of image processing.

Manual Akhada will be helpful for the increasing the mechanical knowledge of the participant. The implementation of the mechanical knowledge will help them to understand the making of industrial robotics and will enhance the understanding of various assistive prototype development.

Upgrade of Competition is one mission which will take the manual akhada to wireless communication and caze match.