Mission Oxygen Team

COVID19 has hit us hard, hundreds of people are dying on a daily basis in lack of ICU bed, Oxygen Supply and many others. Lots of Organizations, Alliance, Government Agencies, Groups are bringing right tools and technologies to save people’s lives. It has been reported these Oxygen Plants, Concentrators, Ventilators and other equipment are coming to Nepal but without after sales support. The lack of technician is stopping the use of those life saving devices.

To fight this challenges, Robotics Association of Nepal[RAN], Biotechnology Society of Nepal[BSN] and Biomedical Engineering Foundation Nepal[ BEFN] are working together as a Mission Oxygen Team[ MOT] where we are recruiting Engineers with Biomedical Background or have previously worked on Biomedical devices to install, operate, maintain and operate the Oxygen facilities all over Nepal as we three organization together would mobilize the members and other interested volunteers to solve these existing challenge.

Registration Form: http://bit.ly/ran-mot

Mission Oxygen Team [MOT] will be the team to reach out for any technical help. We are already working with COVID Alliance team, Nepal Ventilators Bank, FNCCI Covid Crisis Support team. The team is in its early stage as we are training our volunteers/members on these devices. We hope to equip ourselves with knowledge on this device and be able to support Healthcare system.