Women Technopreneur :: Miss Tech 2017

The “Miss-Tech 2017 “ is focused on Women-Technopreneur for the program, Girls in Tech.

“Women-Technopreneur for Change:”

Women-Technopreneur  brings the leadership and confident in each participant and will use the hardware, software, programming and social networking to keep them strong and will compete with the society norms and values which has challenge them to be backward or has determined them as a mistake of the society.

This will create a new value and new hope to bring change and bring women out from the kitchen and will develop the capacity to keep update themselves in technology and keep their words in front of the world through social media.

Strengths and Challenge :

With any noble approach the biggest strength will be the innovative naive nature of the event. The exhibits ability to interact directly with the audience will also be a significant strength.  The Go Girls workshops that had been conducted as a pre Miss- Tech events has also given the strength to provide a platform for all the enthusiastic girls to encourage and showcase their talents proving themselves to inspire other girls and women in technical field. Network is another important factor which leads to a successful event. RAN has been conducting various workshops and events because of which the link for many Engineering and IT colleges  under various universities are known to us. The other organizations which which has been working as the key partners of RAN are  Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Nepal Communitere, Google Developers Group Kathmandu, Women Leaders in Technology, Maker KT, Women Lead, Safety Knot, School of Performing Arts kathmandu (SPAK).

Being brought up in a male dominated society, a girl is taught to grab an idea that technology is not for girls but for boys. It’s a harsh reality which has been accepted for centuries. There are only a handful of girls who dare to choose what they want. The biggest challenge is to make girls realise that they can also choose a technical field and really do great in this field.

It is quite a challenge to convince the girls to break their  boundaries. Some of the participants from the pre- Miss tech event shared that it was their first  experience to travel on their own.

Media Coverage & Exposure

Exposure for the Miss-Tech 2016 event  will be significantly higher as a platform provided to showcase the technical talents of the girls. There are several factors that leads to the successful completion of an event and media coverage is one of them.To make Miss-Tech 2017 more significant, several factors will be implemented leading to the impressive growth which are as follows:

  1. A sharper media strategy: We will be implementing a media strategy that focuses on reaching individual journalists in the media houses based on their interest. This strategy can be assisted by the contacts we had built through the previous workshops and events.
  2. The newness factor: Participation of women in technical field has always been less as compared to men, thus with the vision of encouraging women in technological field Miss-Tech event is being conducted. This strong vision can attract  certain kind of journalists.
  3. An interview with a media personnel of The Himalayan Times, Mr. Niladri Parial was held on the 29th of February, 2016.
  4. Using social media well: As Facebook is the most used social media in Nepal our strategy will also focus  on that. Banners of the workshop will be shared and advertised  through facebook pages of Robotics Association of Nepal,as well as other organizations we are linked to such as Nepal communitere, Woman Lead and Women Leaders in Technology to increase the awareness of the workshop.Similar kinds of other social media can be used for the promotions, such as twitter.
  5. A Press Tour, with media personnel will be held , by the organizers. Pre-event Press Meet will be held at the offices of Robotics Association Of Nepal

Course Details:

MIT course outline

Interaction with the students : (30 min)

a)   Introductions (15 min) 
b)   Expectations (15 min)

Basic Introduction: (1 hrs)

a)   What is computer?
b)   How is computer being replaced by mobile phone?
c) Introduction about  Android phones.

Introduction to android app inventor: (30 min)

a)   What is android app?
b)   How are android app being useful?
c)   How to develop an android app

Introduction to MIT App Inventor: (1 hrs)

a)  System requirement for using app inventor
b) Connection companion used for app inventor
c) Overview

Introduction to Designer Screen: (15 min)

a)   Viewer (5 min)
b)   Palette (5 min)
c)   Properties (5 min)

Introduction to Block Screen: (20 min)

a)   Built in block
b)   Event handler blocks
c)   Component block
d) Getter and Setter of individual component

Challenges Given: (1 hrs)

a) Talk to me app
b) Take a picture by shaking your phone
c) Adding Sound
d) Movement on a Timer
e) Speech Recognition
f) Movement with sensors
g) Collision detection
h) Using web browser through your app
i) Storing files and data through  your app
j) Developing an app using multiple app
k) Sharing data between multiple screen

Development of  app (2hrs)

Outline for Scratch workshop (2 day)


Interaction with the students :

a)  Introductions
b)  Expectations


 a)  What is logical thinking?
b) What are the technical challenges faced by a girl?
c) What are the efforts made to empower a woman?

What is programming?

a)  Set of instructions
b)  Identify problem
c)  Developing solution Algorithm, Flowchart
d) Choose Language
e)  Start coding
f)   Iteration in parts
g)  The solution i.e. the program

Why Programming?

a)  Know how software works
b)  Solving problem using software
c)  Potential career
d) Show your creativity
e) Programming is FUN

Scratch  :

 a)  What is scratch?
b)  Why scratch?
c)  Introduction to Scratch

Challenges given :

a)  Events
b)  Moving sprites in different directions
c)  Moving sprites using different keys
d) Moving sprites in random direction
e)  Repeat the movements
f)   Play sound while moving
g)  Colliding and hiding sprites(looks / sensing)
h)   Making variable 

Development of Game :

Arduino( 1 day)

1. Software and driver installation before beginning of class

Introduction to open source hardware and software
a) what is open source hardware and software
b) what are benefits of open source

2. Introduction to Arduino

a) arduino as a standard board
b) pin configuration for arduino
c) component in arduino standard board
d) pin description
e) use of each pin

3. Introduction to Arduino IDE( software and drivers)

4. Basic input output

a)ypes of input
b)types of output
c)manipulating input information

5. ADC(analog to digital converter)

a) what is ADC
b) why use ADC
c) how to use ADC

6. Serial communication :

a) introduction to serial communication
b) use of serial communication

7. Introduction to sensor

8. Sensor interface

a) Ultrasonic sensor
b) IR sensor

9. Interfacing arduino with scratch

Outline for Blogging workshop (1 day)


1. Introduction of Blogging :  

2Necessary component of Blogging:

a)  Online course for english communication
b) Registration of the domain
c) Introduction of wordpress

3. My First post:

a)  Choose the interested topic
b)  Register own domain
c)  start free hosting and wordpress account
d) Management of wordpress
e)  Start writing the post
f)   Proofing the post
g)  Update the post

4. Importance of Social media for blogging:

a)  Different social media
b)  Power of Social media
c) Put your voice in the public

5. Earn by blogging :

a)  Introduction to google Adsense
b)  Setting the google  Adsense account
c)  Important factor for securing the Adsense account
d)  How to cash the amount?
 6.Challenges given :
a)  Make the First post
b)  Promote the post through the social media

Outline for Entrepreneur workshop (1 day)


1. Introduction of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship:

2. Key components for an enterprise and entrepreneurship

a) Logical thinking
b) Idea Pitching Speaking
c) Analysis of core competency
3. Process for the establishment of a tech startup company?

a) Research and problem analysis
b) Creating effective way of revenue generation
c) Analysis of target market
d) Possible net Investment for the business
e) Calculation of Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Returns
f) Analysis of Return of Investment
g) Business Model Canvas
h) Documentation and protection for future reference
i) Importance of Failure (Fast to Failure)
j) How to get Investment?

4. Challenges to be given :

a) Create a idea to start a tech startup
b) Develop Business Model Canvas of the idea
c) Presentation and Idea pitching to possible investor
d) Elevator Pitch

Expected outcomes:

  1. 480 or more individuals will gain advanced skill and knowledge of coding and its implementation in hardware devices and will also learn to work in technical fields and design as well.
  2. After the workshop fellowship program for the participant will keep them in contact with us.
  3. Each participant will learn to write their own blog and can express their voice through words.
  4. Each participant will Learn to use social media as a tools for expression of themself and their surrounding problems.
  5. At Least 1 startup from each workshop ground.

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