Winners of Miss Tech 2017

Miss Tech 2017 was organized by Robotics Association of Nepal [RAN] in partnership with U.S. Embassy, Nepal under girls in Tech program, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development under the framework of SERVIR Hindu Kush Himalaya, Nepal Telecommunications Authority[NTA] and Nepal Engineers’ Associations [NEA] and supported by 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking – Empowering Women of NepalSherpa For ChangeYoungInnovationsNepal Communitere and EventsMo.


Team Mountain Girls_Winner

Congratulations to Team Mountain Girls for winning the title of Miss Tech 2017. The winner were crowned , awarded the trophy along with cheque of Rs. 50,000 by Dr. Pranita Upadhaya , Honourable Executive Director, Nepal Innovation Technology Center, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Team Mountain Girls includes member:
Miss Tech 2017 Sumitra Khadka
Miss Tech 2017 Sandhya Guragain
Miss Tech 2017 Subina Sharma

Project Description:
Their idea is focused on developing a hardware solution for pregnant women. Since mortality rate in mountain region is high and the availability of doctors and health facilities is not enough, it becomes necessary they come up with some better solution for mother to be and the child.

Their solution is basically a belt like device, a pregnancy gadget that:
1.Keeps record of heartbeat of unborn child.
2.Records temperature and humidity of mother
3. Measured data are send to cloud which can be monitored by both doctor and patient
4.If any abnormalities occur it will be notified to doctor and alert will be given to patient so further action can be taken.
5.On the basis of all the collected data prediction of successful or unsuccessful delivery is done.

Team Project Awaj_ 1st Runner Up

Congratulations to Team Project Awaj from Puset Club of Robotics & Technology – PCRT for winning the title of Miss Tech 2017 runner up. The winner were awarded the trophy by Dr. David Molden , Honourable Director General, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.

Team Project Awaj includes member:

Team Members: 
Miss Tech 2017 runner up Sadichchha Bhandari
Miss Tech 2017 runner up Pabina rimal
Miss Tech 2017 runner up Mamita Rai
Miss Tech 2017 runner up Mamta Yadav

Project Description:
The Project is specialised and designed to help rural mountain women to raise their voices against violence in their day to day life.We have used Raspberry Pi computer based hardware in which voice (complains) of the victims are recorded and saved in server which’ll be provided to concerned authorities web portal secretly and privately for further investigation. This system will be proved useful during any kind of violence faced by mountain area women in their day to day life where they are compelled to be mute and their complains reports aren’t filed due to third party pressure or the compaint filed gives no right justice to the victim.

Team NovaTech_2ndRunnerup

Congratulations to Team Nova Tech for winning the title of Miss Tech 2017 second runner up. The winner were awarded with Trophy and Cash prize of Rs.20,000 by respected Ananda Raj Khanal sir, Honourable Senior Director, Nepal Telecommunications Authority.

Team NovaTech Members include:
Miss Tech 2017 2nd runner up Ashmita Koirala
Miss Tech 2017 2nd runner up Belmata Bhandari 
Miss Tech 2017 2nd runner up Swastika Sara Paudel

Project Description:
The main concept of their project is to uplift the economic standard of mountain women. For this, they have developed Automatic Green House Farming System. In this, they have automatic temperature control inside the house along with auto-irrigation by detecting the soil moisture.

Miss Tech 2017 was organized by Robotics Association of Nepal [RAN]] in partnership with U.S. Embassy, Nepal under girls in Tech program, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development under the framework of SERVIR Hindu Kush Himalaya, Nepal Telecommunications Authorityand Nepal Engineers’ Association and supported by 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking – Empowering Women of Nepal, Sherpa For Change, YoungInnovations, Nepal Communitere and EventsMo.

Team Optic Girls_People's Choice

Congratulations to Team Optic Girls for receiving “People’s Choice Awards” at Miss Tech 2017. The winners were awarded with Trophy and Gift Vouchers from Mr. Sulav Bhatta sir and Mrs. Shanta Khadka mam from Information and Resource Center from US Embassy Nepal.

Team Members:
Miss Tech 2017 People Choice Riya Shahi
Miss Tech 2017 People Choice Sushma Thapa

Project Description:
Farming, in traditional ways, is a troublesome job and trend of foreign employment is increasingly rooting down in communities of Nepal. This has led to ever increasing load on women to handle every task, from farming to managing finances, for sustaining household. In this context, development of Multi Seeds Sowing Machine (MSSM), able to sow seeds of different varieties can aid in making farming a relatively easier task and increase the yield greatly. The flexibility of furrow openers in accordance with varying terrains of land and soil type is what present machines lack and makes this machine better.
Secondly, another concept we’re presenting is Vertical Farming. It maximizes output and minimizes input by reducing the magnitude of efforts needed and costs in the form of water supply, labor costs etc. Use of less surface area on the land and yet availability of comparatively more area by use of vertical stacks can increase yield per unit of land.
Blogging can without question, spread awareness about new inventions, providing local people an opportunity to actually engage as well as suggest for making these inventions better.