Go Girls 1.2 :: Miss Tech 2016

miss tech


Mother’s day is the day when we realize and pay respect to our mother for her care and unconditional love to us.The people of different community  have their own way of celebrating this day. This year we are trying to celebrate it differently in a technical way. The core idea of this project is to try and make the girls to be able to develop a program (an interactive game) that can be controlled by hardware(arduino).in presentable form so that they can use it to show their love towards their mother.And ,also, can  show how a mother sacrifices her happiness for the sake of her children.

For The School Level


Course Outline:


  1. Interaction with the students :
  • Introductions
  • Expectations
  1. Awareness :
  • What is logical thinking?
  • What are the technical challenges faced by a girl?
  • What are the efforts made to empower a woman?
  1. What is programming?
  • Set of instructions
  • Identify problem
  • Developing solution Algorithm, Flowchart
  • Choose Language
  • Start coding
  • Iteration in parts
  • The solution i.e. the program
  1. Why Programming?
  • Know how software works
  • Solving problem using software
  • Potential career
  • Show your creativity
  • Programming is FUN
  1. Scratch :
  • What is scratch?
  • Why scratch?
  • Introduction to Scratch
  1. Development of Game


Experience with scratch, significantly facilitates learning and will provide students a glimpse of what it is like to program a computer professionally. Scratch supports the use of graphics, animation and sound without requiring to  understand the technical details. By learning scratch,girls can improve their logical and creative thinking capabilities so that they can empower others by empowering themselves.

For The Undergraduate Level


Software and driver installation before beginning of class

Introduction to open source hardware and software

  • what is open source hardware and software
  • what are benefits of open source
  1. Introduction to Arduino
  • arduino as a standard board
  • pin configuration for arduino
  • component in arduino stander board
  • pin description
  • use of each pin
  1. Introduction to Arduino IDE( software and drivers)


Basic Robotics

Basic Robotics

  1. Basic input output
  • types of input
  • types of output
  • manipulating input information
  • LED blinking


  1. ADC(analog to digital converter)
  • what is ADC
  • why use ADC
  • how to use ADC


  1. Serial communication
  • introduction to serial communication
  • use of serial communication


  1. Introduction to sensor
  • Sensor interface
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • IR sensor
  • DHT sensor


  1. Interfacing arduino with scratch


The Arduino  is a great tool for developing interactive objects,which is easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced users.Students can enter into the world of automation through arduino and can have basic knowledge of electronic components and programming implementation.

The project will also help girls to develop their self confidence and personality by challenging them to think deeply and enabling them to work collaboratively.