Go Girls 1.1 :: Miss Tech 2016

go girls 1.1


What is logical thinking and how can it be applied to create awareness in the society?

What are the factors causing environmental degradation?

What are the efforts to be made by us to protect earth?


Earth is the only source of life without which there will be no existence of human race or any other species. But every second, earth is facing major threats from us. The environment is collapsing due to toxic fumes, chemical waste and excessive noise caused by various  applications. The growing pollution is causing excessive damage to the earth affecting the balance of the nature. The temperature of earth has been rising in past years because of global warming.We are responsible for the environment we live in.So its our duty to protect it from our harmful activities.We should try to reduce our consumption of energy and resources as much as  possible and start cultivating necessary steps to protect it. We can start up by flowing information and awaring people about protecting the earth through technology.

Experience with scratch, significantly facilitates learning and will provide students a glimpse of what it is like to program a computer professionally. Scratch supports the use of graphics, animation and sound without requiring to  understand the technical details. By learning scratch,girls can improve their logical and creative thinking capabilities so that they can empower others by empowering themselves.

Interfacing the ideas made in scratch with arduino brings life to the project. The Arduino  is a great tool for developing interactive objects,which is easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced users.Students can enter into the world of automation through arduino and can have basic knowledge of electronic components and programming implementation.

The core idea of this project is to try and make the girls to be able to develop a program (an interactive game) using the real life problems of what our earth is facing by presenting it in a simple way  to motivate themselves and the society, challenging them to think deeply and enabling them to work collaboratively.

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