Go Girls 1.0 :: Miss Tech 2016



What is logical thinking and how can it be applied to create awareness in the society?

What are the technical challenges faced by a girl?

What are the efforts made to empower a woman?


We all are already known about the idea” if you educate a girl or a woman, you educate a family” and maybe even a community. But, in Nepal, because of conservative social culture, some societies still wouldn’t see positively if girls go to school. Women and girls need information about health, livelihoods, agriculture, weather, and countless other topics, and they need ways to access it. Besides information,they must also be given the chance to learn more about the ways they can use that information to improve their lives. And the technology is one of the way to empower women where ideas meet to create innovative solution.

Experience with scratch, significantly facilitates learning and will provide students a glimpse of what it is like to program a computer professionally. Scratch supports the use of graphics, animation and sound without requiring to understand the technical details. By learning scratch, girls can improve their logical and creative thinking capabilities so that they can empower others by empowering themselves.

Interfacing the ideas made in scratch with arduino brings life to the project. The Arduino is a great tool for developing interactive objects,which is easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced users. Students can enter into the world of automation through arduino and can have basic knowledge of electronic components and programming implementation.

The core idea of this project is to try and make the girls to be able to develop a program (an interactive game) using real-life problems of what women are deprived of presenting it in a simple way to motivate themselves and the society, challenging them to think deeply and enabling them to work collaboratively.

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