L2L is the short period course with long term vision for the skill development of an individual. The main objective of the course is to set a foundation for students in their career planning and enhancing their technical skills.

It is always better for the students to learn new things rather than being idle but with justified knowledge. Thereby, Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) presents the new course, Learn To Learn (L2L) for SLC and +2 (basically Science) appeared students .

Our major goals through L2L are:

  • Creating an experiential learning classroom
  • Building facilitation skills in our students
  • Enhancing learning through better debriefing
  • Empowering students through the use of creative thinking tools and techniques
  • Integrating accelerated learning principles in all our lesson plans
  • Communication activities in classroom
  • Making students engaged and involved

Outline for L2L:

  1. Research based learning:
  • research on particular topic
  • idea pitching
  • report writing
  • paper presentation
  • powerpoint presentation


  • self learning, self motivation and self responsibility
  • writing skills
  • presentation skills
  • creativity
  • leadership skills


  1. Logic Development:
  • introduction to programming
  • programming in scratch
  • interactive projects using scratch


  • programming skills
  • logical thinking
  • collaborative learning


  1. Robotics:
  • basic knowledge on electronics
  • programming in arduino IDE
  • making automated line following robot
  • making android arduino robot
  • making electronic robot without using microcontroller
  • making some  art, tech projects


  • higher programming skills
  • hardware and software interfacing
  • step towards robotics

Registration Details:

Cost: Rs.5000 [ Special discounts to deserving students]

Venue: RAN Office, Pulchowk

Duration:  2 weeks

Online registration link: LearnToLearn2019 (http://bit.ly/LearnToLearn2019)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q.No.1) What if I would have to leave at the mid of the workshop?

Answer: In case if you leave at the mid of the workshop then you won’t get your money back but we can help you later with the workshop contents.

Q.No.2) What are the basic skills I need to have for participation?

Answer: There isn’t any specific requirement for the participation in the workshop.

Q.No.3) When and Where should I submit the amount?

Answer: The amount should be submitted before the starting of workshop and the amount should be submitted in RAN Office, Pulchowk.

Q.no.4) Where will this workshop be held?

Answer: The workshop will be held in RAN Office, Pulchowk.


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