Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire

This Maker Faire will bring together communities, entrepreneurs, makers, international and national non-governmental organizations (I/NGOs), and government agencies to celebrate the Maker Movement and showcase an array of incredible projects and new technologies.
Communitere is an innovative non-governmental, non-profit organization, and will be hosting Nepal’s first Mini Maker Faire at the Nepal Communitere Resource Center and Innovation Hub in central Kathmandu.

Communitere is a pioneer in creating maker spaces in post disaster emerging contexts, and has established Resource Centers and Innovation Hubs in Haiti, the Philippines, and Nepal. These centrally located maker spaces provided the resources and tools that communities, government, and I/NGOs need to re-build lives after disaster.

On 25 April 2015, the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in over 80 years killed more than 8,800 people, and left 2.8 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. There was a huge national and international humanitarian response, and there is a distinct need to continue this momentum and support and empower communities. The Nepali people have the desire and passion to rebuild their lives, homes, and livelihoods, but many are left without the resources and opportunities required to start and carry out this process. This Faire will provide opportunities to enter into DIY, with a unique focus on humanitarian innovation, encouraging I/NGOs, government, and communities to think about building back in new and innovative ways.

This Maker Faire, the first in Nepal will showcase cutting edge technologies, arts and crafts, science, and engineering. This Maker Faire will not be a passive sit-down experience, it will be fully interactive, hands on, interactive education that actively encourages participation and promotes inspiration. The venue of the Maker Faire venue is one of Nepal’s first maker spaces, equipped hi and low tech tools including hammers, saws, 3D printers, drones, and CNC machines. The venue has hosted previous events including TedX Patan, Miss-Tech computer programming training for young women, workshops by CERN, and is a showcase for many innovative building solutions and green technologies such as the first CNC house in Nepal, in collaboration with Keio University, Japan, and solar panel systems created by the Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN).

Who & What will be at the Maker Faire

Around 3,000 individuals are estimated to attend the Maker Faire. Participants will include primary and secondary age school children, government officials, community groups, I/NGO, makers, education groups, and representatives from the private sector.

Many organizations will be showcasing cutting edge innovation and technology including guest speakers, kids play zone showcasing STEAM learning, Raspberry Pi and Arduino workshops, vendors, expo pieces, virtual reality booth, drone flying, 3D printing workshops, solar power technologies, environmental sustainable technologies, alternative building, ‘the internet of things’, and traditional craft and making techniques.

The Venue

The venue, one of the few maker spaces in Nepal, has been built from shipping containers, encouraging people ‘to think outside the box’ the moment they step into the center. The venue consists of three buildings set on 15,280 square feet of land and is mostly wheelchair accessible. The center has 24 hour electricity, (a great asset in a country which has loadshedding of up to 16 hours a day), and high speed fiber optic internet.

For further information about the venue, please watch this short video about the design https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqbj7f0ci9fphez/Nepal%20Communitere%20Design%20video%20Final%201080.mov?dl=0

The venue is at the very heart of the community, centrally located in Pulchowk with direct access to public bus services and in walking distance from UN agencies, government offices, universities and international organizations. The venue is child friendly, designated to promote creativity, learning, and a fun place for children to learn and play.

Establishing a Humanitarian Maker Faire Committee

Collaboration and partnership are at the very core of Communitere’s ethos, and Nepal communitere works in collaboration with national and international groups, currently over 100 partners including many technology, innovation and maker groups.
For more information about Nepal Communitere please watch https://vimeo.com/148776670

To promote collaboration in the Innovation sector, Nepal Communitere is creating ‘The Humanitarian Maker Committee’, formed of humanitarian organisations, makers, innovators, and government bodies. Nepal Communtiere is promoting this collaborative approach to ensure that the Maker Faire reflects the needs of the community, promotes innovation in Nepal, strengthens the Maker Movement, and promotes sustainability and continued collaboration after the Maker Faire.

Nepal Communitere is leading the process to establish a Maker Faire Committee who will work collaboratively to arrange and organise the Mini Maker Faire. The aim of this committee is to promote sustainability through cross sectorial collaboration, ensuring better dialogue leading to more effective programming, increasing community resilience, sustainability of programmes, linking national and international innovation and maker communities in Nepal, and integrating innovation and cutting edge technologies into the development and humanitarian sector. The
Innovation/Maker Committee will continue to meet regularly after the Maker Faire, to ensure that momentum continues and larger positive impact is possible, leading to a more empowered, resilient Nepal.


In addition to forming a Humanitarian Maker Committee we will aim for the following outcomes:

  1. The Maker Faire hosted by Nepal Communitere becomes an annual event,
  1. Innovation is mainstreamed through I/NGO and government frameworks and programming
  1. Promotion of collaboration, and promotion of cross cultural, and cross sectorial communication and dialogue,
  1. Showcase makers, innovative technologies, and promote hands-on participation, encouraging individuals and organisations to use and implement innovative ways of thinking and working,
  1. International exposure of the Nepal innovation and Maker Movement and groups,
  1. The promotion of traditional and new technologies which could positively impact communities and Nepal as a country,
  1. Inspiring individuals, communities and organizations to challenge traditional thinking about rehabilitation of a country in a post-disaster context.

Benefits for Partners include:

  • Platform to showcase new technologies, innovations and programming
  • Exposure to local and international groups of all sizes
  • Being part of cutting edge, innovative technology, and high level content
  • Excellent networking opportunities with communities, I/NGOS, government embassy’s, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, makers, and inventors
  • Dynamic meeting space for communities, pioneers, makers and activists
  • Raising the profile and public awareness of your cause or organization

Contact Us

To be part of the Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire, or for more information about Communitere’s work in Nepal or elsewhere in the world, please contact the team at:

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