Internet of Things(IoT)


Robotics Association of Nepal(RAN) has been continuously working on growing technology which are evolving in the world. Scientist has predicted that all the things that are in world will be connected through the internet and can be controlled as per our desire preferably known as Internet of Things (IoT).  We have tested our devices available and had connected to the internet and controlling the app we have made on our own.

We want to share what we have learn so far. Join in our workshop, be the maestro of the next generation technology.


  1. Introduction
  2. Internet of things
  3. Making things
  4. Making things smart
    1. Adding circuit
    2. Adding programming
    3. Adding sensor
    4. Adding connectivity
    5. Adding internet
    6. Making your internet
    7. Making web interface
  5. Connecting things to internet
    1. Connecting everything to internet