Google Translateathon

Globalization and localization are the parts of this growing technology all over the world. As people all over the world are trying to get frequent data and facts, they has to be user friendly and easily understandable. Billions of people are searching for new information and exploit the potential by learning from the experience people share online. Though shared data are easily available, what make them frustrating is language barrier. It is very hard for Nepalese to understand the research paper written in Japanese, even harder for the tourist who wants to travel in different community, in different environment.

To diminish this language barrier, Google started translate campaign all over the world in selected countries. As Nepalese language has been found as top 10 language having maximum online user, Google translateathon was organized in Nepal in participation of different active community working together.

Robotics Association of Nepal along with GDG Kathmandu also organized translateathon in its office and in Pokhara with the participation of 30 active users and 100’s of user through massive promotion. The program was made interesting through various fun activities. Participants were awarded with gifts and chocolate for the Fast translation. The presence of Country director SarojDhakal was inspiring to all the participants and the event was conducted successfully with the slogan” We love our language, We love Translateathon”

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