Android Arduino and Android App Development


Towards the Centre and Bridge to Lanka were the Main events of Yantra 3.0 and Yantra 4.0 National Robotics Competition respectively. The participants of both the competition has to complete the task provided by controlling their Robot through android app. Android app controlled robot is new concept in the wireless control of the robot. To make all the participants familiar with this growing platform and encourage them in app based project, we Robotics Association Of Nepal conducted two days ‘Android Arduino workshop’ thrice before the event. The event see the participation of 15 teams from 10 different engineering college.

  • SDK Package Distribution
  • Introduction to JDK, JRE
  • Introduction to SDK, AVD
  • Creating new project
  • Manifest file and introduction to the created source, resource and library
  • Simple Layout Design (Linear, Relative, Scroll, Frame layout etc.
  • Source code writing
  • Introduction to API
  • Introduction to JSON Data Structure