Light of Hope

Date: 05/09/2015

11742743_1033071903391926_232746314815312408_nAt Robotics Association of Nepal, as engineers, we not only find the problems but also look for the creative solution to those problems. Be it an agricultural issues [DCDC 2015], or implementation of students’ invention [Innovation Center], or platform for robotics enthusiast and artists [Yantra Art, Science, Tech festival]. After #Nepal Earthquake, we identified communication and illumination as one of the major problem faced by Nepalese after food, clothing and shelter issue. To solve this problem, we have developed Solar Powered Light and Mobile Charger (SPLMC) which could support three mobiles and two 3W LED bulb at a time.

The team of Robotics Association of Nepal had gone for survey on remote villages of Nuwakot District. According to the Local Development Office, Nuwakot, after Nepal was hit by 7.9 Richter scale, almost 80% of Houses of Nuwakot are destroyed. Mainly old houses made up of mud were highly damaged causing hundreds of death. Since then there is no proper supply of electricity in the upper hilly villages of Nuwakot. The locals of such areas have to spend 10 hours of walk for 2 hours of mobile charge to the headquarter of Nuwakot, Bidur and ain’t able to live with proper sight during night time.

1796787_1016960015003115_2112976513665821805_oAfter the surveyon remote areas of Nuwakot district , our team went to Jiling V.D.C which is at the altitude of about 2100 km above the sea. It took us one and half hour bike ride from Dhamale to reach at the village area of Jiling through spiral gravel roads. Beautiful Jiling V.D.C was turned into cruel dust leaving 1000 of villagers homeless. Most of the villagers had dead mobiles waiting for our arrival to make it function again. Villagers shared they have been overlooked for rescue and relief operation as they weren’t easily accessible. Then, two systems were distributed in responsibility of Mr.Nabaraj Lama, social teacher of community school. We hope there won’t be suffocation for communication as villagers will be able to charge their mobile and sight stimulation can be fulfilled to some extent.


After our announcement of #Light Of Hope Earthquake Relief Campaign, the needy persons are contacting us for the system supply. We have successfully deployed  204  “Solar Powered Light And Mobile Charger”  station to following districts of Nepal in collaboration with Ghampower Nepal Pvt.Ltd.. We are also working with different relief teams like World Peace Earthquake relief Helping Hands, local relief teams  like Bharat prasad Smriti Pratisthan in order to make our work efficient.


To Learn about #LightOfHope-Differently abled

people(Sindhupalchowk), click here

Distribution Channels are listed below :


District V.D.C Tole Organization/person Number of Distribution
Nuwakot Jiling Baghkhor Navraj Lama,Teacher 2
Nuwakot Jiling Devighat Bir Bahadur Bohara, CDO officer 1
Nuwakot Kumeri Kumeri Raju Das Shrestha 1
Nuwakot Chhauthe Chhauthe Raju Das Shrestha 1
Nuwakot Samundradevi Samundradevi Jitendra Bista 2
Nuwakot Betini Betini Shriman Tamang 1
Rasuwa Bhorli Bhorli Eva 1
Lalitpur Shakhu Sakhu Ashim Sitaula 1
Dhading Jiwanpur-5 Jiwanpur-5 Kishor Kandel 1
Dhading Chhatre deurali Chhatre Deurali Krishna Das Shrestha 1
Nuwakot Balkumari Balkumari Santa Bahadur Tamang 1
Nuwakot Badrutar Bhedabari Sri Krishna Khatiwada 1
Nuwakot Bhadrutar Bhadrutar Kp Lamichane 1
Dolakha Gairimudi Gairimudi Basudha Rai 2
Kavre Koshipari Koshipari Thakur Bastola 2
Nuwakot NarjaMandap Sahare Dipty Serchan 2
Rasuwa Bholi Bholi Eva 1
Kavre Koshipari4,5,6 Koshipari 4,5,6 Thakur Baskota 3
Sindhupalchowk Sinapokhare 1,3 Sinapokhare 1,3 Sibahari sapkota 2
Sindhupalchowk Bhotsipa-8,9 Bhotsipa-8,9 Sibahari Sapkota 2
Nuwakot Betini 1,2 Betini 1,2 Shriman Tamang 2


Sindhupalpalchowk Chautara Chautara 8
Sindhupalchowk Mahadevtar Mahadevtar 2
Sindhupalchowk Pangretar Pangretar 5
Sindhupalchowk Thulopakkhar Thulopakkhar 5
Nuwakot Raluga Raluga 21
Nuwakot Thaprek Thaprek 19
Nuwakot Kharanitar Kharanitar 20
Nuwakot Satbise Satbise 20
Nuwakot Betini Betini 6
Nuwakot Samundratar Samundratar 12


Nuwakot Rautbesi Rautbesi 12
Sindhupalchowk Hagam Hagam 4
Sindhupalchowk Simpalkavre Simpalkavre 4
Sindhupalchowk Bhotsipa Bhotsipa 4
Sindhupalchowk 4
Sindhupalchowk 4


Dhading Mulpani Mulpani 5
Dhading Fulkharka Fulkharka 5
Dhading Budathum Budathun 5
Dhading Besari Besari 5

Distribution Program Photos:


Further Planned Area:

As electricity will be major issue even after resettlement, so we are targeting to distribute Solar Powered Light and Mobile Chargers to remote villages of Nepal which are as follows:

District V.D.C Tole Contact Person No.of Distribution
Nuwakot Gaunkharka Police station Shriman Tamang 2
Dolakha Bulung bulung Shreeram Khadka 18
Dolakha Chilankh Chilankh Ganesh Bahadur Khadka 18
Dolakha Orang Orang Kailash Khadka 18
Dolakha Laduk Laduk Tekman Tamang 18
Dolakha Lambagar Lambagar Yadav Prasad upadhaya


Kavre Sakhupati chaur Aakal khet Thakur baskota 20
Kavre Ramechhap Ramechhap Binod Kandel 2
Kavre Nala Nala Prabesh Sapquata 2
Nuwakot Betini Betini Shriman Tamang 2
Gorkha Gumda Gumda Chham Bahadur Tamang 20
Rasuwa Rasuwa Rasuwa Sameer & Deepak Devkota 22
Dolakha Lapilang Lapilang Dolakha Patrakar 15
Total 155

Each system consists of following electronics components:

S.N Components Quantity
1 Solar Panel(20W) 1
2 Solar Charge Controller 1
3 Battery(12V/ 7.4AH) 1
4 LED bulb(3W) 1
5 Cambo Mobile Charger 1
6 DC to DC converter and mobile Charger 1
7 Two Phase Wire 10 m
8 Bulb holder 1
9 Casing 1

In this overwhelming distressed circumstance, we Robotics Association Of Nepal are trying our best to help the  underprivileged villagers due to the geographical backwardness.




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